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Top 10 Luxury Car Brands in Dubai.


Top 10 Luxury Car Brands in Dubai.

There was a time when the world just had a few Luxury Car Brands. The quality of the car was influenced by reliability and durability in addition to luxury, which was the most crucial element. Customers want their money to be spent wisely because luxury cars are sometimes pricy. Let’s look at some of our top luxury car brands.


  1. Rolls-Royce
Rolls-Royce Logo
The list of the top 10 luxury automobile brands is headed by Rolls-Royce. Torsten Muller-Otvos established the British company Rolls-Royce in 1904. Rolls-Royce is one of the top luxury automobile brands if you can afford it. The company has a reputation for devoting a tremendous lot of time and attention to each of their vehicles. Rolls-Royce spares no detail, from the external paint to the interior features.
From its Phantom, Rolls-Royce took off. Despite the fact that it has been released years ago, it continues to rank among the most well-liked luxury cars worldwide. The starlight function was also introduced by Rolls-Royce. Customers have the option of installing starlights on their car roofs, which shine at night to resemble the sky above.
  1. Mercedes-Benz
Mercedes-Benz Logo
Mercedes-Benz was founded on June 28, 1826, by Karl Benz. It is without a doubt among the most well-known luxury automobile manufacturers in the world. Mercedes has always been associated with high-end luxury and sophistication.
The business consistently delights its clients with new goods, whether they are cutting-edge innovations or the best driving experience. The company now offers a vast selection of vehicles to cater to various customers kinds. For consumers in the middle class, there are small, compact sedans, and for the ultra-wealthy, there are models like the G-Class and S-Class.
Mercedes developed its Mercedes-Maybach partnership to compete with the finest. The joint venture, Maybach, which is a sub-brand of Mercedes, focuses on producing the most luxurious cars you can imagine. Although these cars are very expensive, you get features, comfort, and luxury that are not available in standard Mercedes cars.
  1. BMW
BMW Logo
Franz Josef Popp, Karl Rapp, and Camillo Castiglioni established the German company BMW in 1916. Today, the business is a direct rival of Mercedes-Benz. BMW is an industry leader in the production of luxury cars, sedans, SUVs, and even racing cars by providing competition kits.
The peak of luxury from BMW, the 7-Series is comparable to the S-Class. The car has cutting-edge characteristics that are uncommon in other cars. For instance, BMW was a pioneer in the development of laser headlamp technology.
BMW was named the world's twelfth-largest automaker in 2015. It was also named the most sustainable automotive company since 1999. The M760i is the most well-known offering among the company's fans and customers. However, the M5 competition has been giving its competitors a run for their money in 2021. And in the future, the company only promises to improve its vehicles.
  1. Volks-Wagen
Volks Wagen Logo
Volkswagen Group, also known as Volkswagen AG, is a major German automobile manufacturer founded in 1937 by the German government to mass-produce a low-priced "people's car." Wolfsburg, Germany, serves as the company's headquarters.
In the 1950s, Volkswagen's production grew rapidly. The Transporter van debuted in 1950, and the Karmann Ghia coupe debuted in 1955. In 1959, the brand was represented by the American advertising agency Doyle Dane Bernbach. The campaign was a huge success, and the Beetle was the most popular imported car in the United States for many years. Although Volkswagen altered the Beetle in many ways, the basic rear-engine design and rounded shape remained unchanged. Other rear-engine models with more modern styling and improved engineering were developed by the company, but none were as successful as the Beetle.

  1. Audi
Audi Logo
Markus Duesmann founded Audi in 1910. Audi currently offers the A3, A4, A5, A6, A8, and Q8, among other models. In other words, it has different offerings for different customers. Those looking for something in the middle can choose A3 or A4. If you have the money, you can choose the A8 or Q8, which are the company's best offerings.
Furthermore, Audi allows its customers to customize their vehicles. They can select from various packages or pay extra to add components and features of their choice. Audi now competes directly with Mercedes-Benz and BMW, particularly in racing vehicles. When it comes to powerful engines and modifications, the brand has proven to be a strong contender.

  1. Porsche
Founded in 1931 by Oliver Blume, Porsche is a German manufacturer based in Stuggart, Germany. Porsche was once known for producing extremely powerful racing vehicles. However, it has now joined the race for the world's top luxury car manufacturers. Despite competing with the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini, Porsche has noticed a shift in customer preferences over time.
Customers nowadays want not only power but also comfort and luxury. As a result, while the company had the iconic 911 in its lineup, it also introduced the Panamera to prove its worth. With the Taycan, the company has also entered the world of electric vehicles. Because of its comfort and extremely powerful electric motors, the Porsche Taycan has become an overnight success.
  1. Ferrari
Ferrari Logo
Ferrari is an Italian automobile manufacturer founded in 1939 by Enzo Ferrari. Given that it only produces performance vehicles, you may be surprised to see the name on the list of top luxury car brands.
The fact of the matter is that Ferrari's Purosangue, the brand's first-ever luxury SUV, will be released in 2022. To say the least, this was an unexpected move.
Ferrari waited and remained silent on the subject while its rivals, like Lamborghini, had already released the Urus. Fans may savor the captivating curves and performance capabilities of the most recent models, like the SF-90, 812 Superfast, and F8 Tributo, while the world patiently awaits the Purosangue.
Perhaps the only company that truly understood its target market was Ferrari. Because of this, it has only gotten better over time by providing increasingly more features, both mechanically and in terms of performance, as well as in terms of comfort.
  1. Lexus
Lexus Logo
Lexus is Toyota’s approach to striving in the luxury market. It is known to produce vehicles that are termed “tech-laden”. Even though the brand has not reached the top but it promises to change things by 2025. There was a time when Lexus was known for producing the smoothest engine in the world. The famous champagne test on a Lexus engine is a prime example of how refined the engines were. 
Even now, standing close to the engine, you hardly hear it running. These engines are not only powerful, but they are also smooth. Japanese automakers are renowned for putting a great deal of reliability and durability into their products. Consequently, it is possible to comprehend their conservatism. However, the Japanese have made a commendable attempt with cars like the LX-570.
  1. Land Rover
Land Rover Logo
Land Rover is another top 10 luxury car brand company. The British manufacturer stays one of the most popular luxury car brands thanks to partnerships with commercial spaceline Virgin Galatic and Panasonic’s Nanoe.
The Range Rover series is the most well-known product of Land Rover. The most popular model, the Range Rover Vogue, combines strength with the highest level of comfort and elegance. Range Rover offers its clients a variety of colour schemes and amenities to personalize their vehicles. On the other hand, the company still has to improve reliability.
  1. Cadillac
Cadillac Logo
There is a reason that Cadillacs are still used for taking VIPs and famous people around the world. One of the most luxurious, secure, and cutting-edge automobiles available today. Back then, the Cadillac Escalade was the most popular model. Hip-hop celebrities, who were obsessed with the car and could be seen in music videos, were mostly responsible for making it popular.
Today, the Escalade is all grown up and offers features that others don’t. It is an ultra-luxurious SUV that is hard to ignore and overlook. Apart from that, the vehicle is equipped with self-driving features and a high-quality audio system to provide the best listening experience. 
Throughout its existence, Cadillac has continued to use leather and other high-quality materials in its vehicles. From the seats to whatever your hand touches, the feel is always luxurious.